Vengeance (Thats Loud 3) and 13 Songs left…

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Vengeance (That's Loud 3)


Today we released our 39th song in a weekly row, and this one is titled “Vengeance (Thats Loud 3)”.


And further, I am personally happy to announce that we only have 13 more songs to go until we release a total of 52 songs for the

year (more on that later).


As for Vengeance (Thats Loud 3), I’m very happy to have this released. 

This song has been in the works for the past 3 years now. 

Ever since Her Neighbor (Thats Loud 2) came out, I really wanted to release the follow-up ASAP. 

However, sadly it didn’t come as fast as I wanted it to.


Over the past 3 years, this song went through multiple phases. It went through multiple beats, multiple lyrics, multiple lyrics, etc.

But mostly, it went through multiple beats. Furthermore, I always wanted to release it close to Halloween time (as I did with Her

Neighbor) but kept missing the mark. So, at the end of the day, I just decided to make it all authentic. 

I ended up producing the beat, and the rest is history. I figured that if I wanted to make it as weird and bizarre as I can make it, I

decided to do it all on my own. And voila, “Vengeance” came into existence, all before Halloween 2022.


In basic summary, the story starts off immediately after Her Neighbor. The protagonist, in a sense, just loses his girlfriend (Her

Neighbor) to a guy he met and despises from the past (That’s Loud).


As you can guess from the title, the protagonist in the story finally gets his “revenge”. 

And that is the end of the story, or is it? 


Only time will tell, but it was definitely fun making this series. I plan to make a full-production music video for all of these one days,

preferably as soon as I can.

Furthermore, we now only have 13 more songs left to release for 2022 to release!


This has definitely been an amazing journey, and I could not be anymore happier and more thankful to those who listen. We have

been going hard all year long (or at least trying to). And all of these songs weren’t pre-recorded songs, we recorded these and

released these as the year progressed. And honestly, I can’t believe we made it to 39 songs in a weekly row! 


So congrats, we deserve a pat on the back. And if you have been going hard yourself, you deserve one too!


And as for the song “Vengeance (Thats Loud 3)”

It was released today, Oct. 21, 2022.

Here’s the link to the song; https://lnk.to/lsbtl3

Let’s get it! 

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