I Saw Thousands of People!

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Performing on Stage

It’s been a while since I been in an MLM network. MLM standing for “Multi-level Marketing”, and I gotta say, the people in them groups know how to work. I won’t go into further detail about the networks, but I sure did have a great time with the people I was with.

In early January of 2017, I had journeyed to a business conference with some of my colleagues at the time. We had packed up, met up together at a trusted driveway, and set out onto the road in the early morning towards Omaha Nebraska. Probably one of the most turning points I’ve ever had, for it was in these moments I was beginning to decide on what I truly wanted to do after college. Back then, I wasn’t into music yet. I was only trying to set up a potentially long-asting business.

Fast forward to the long lines in the hallway of the conference, everyone there was waiting in anticipation. I never saw anyone more excited. I thought to myself that this place must’ve been the real deal. As the doors to the auditorium were opening up, people were rushing to get in hopes to get a closer seat towards the front of the stage. It was incredible.

Luckily, we all ended up in the very front of the stage, first row seats. It couldn’t have been a better spot. We were right up close to the speakers and motivators. Each one speaking with incredible information on how to succeed in life, along with giving serious motivational talks. All of which was inspiring, while it was putting the necessary seeds into my mind to pursue dreams. Truly a life-changing event.

Now, things started to get more fun. At this event, there was a little show put on for the crowds. And of course, since we were all in the front row, we were front and center around all of it. Everyone was going wild in the place, a lot of people seemed to be having tons of fun. During the bands set, the members of the band ended up bringing up some people from the crowd onto the stage. One by one, each person went up, including me.

Now, this was probably the first time I ever been on stage, and man there were a lot of people in the crowd. All of the hype, singing away and jumping; especially the front row. As I was up there, I just looked in amazement at first. I then turned to my left, and one dude was dancing. I turned to my right, another guy was rolling on the floor. So, I was like screw it. I ended up dancing myself. As the crowd was looking at all of us, everyone was going crazy. I had no idea who the guys were on my sides, but we had the crowds undivided attention.

Now to recap at that moment, I never once felt the rush of energy like that before. It was at that moment that I loved to perform on a stage, whether it either be dancing, playing an instrument, or rapping. When this had happened, I never even been in a studio before, much less ever had a song published to the world. But obviously, things have changed now. And as far as I know, things have changed for the better. One month later in February of 2017, I would then meet my producer. Fast forward 3 months to May, I would do my first rap performance. Fast forward to June of 2017, my first ever EP “The Proelium” was born. And it’s been a marathon ever since.

And you can check it out here!

Much love,

LeeSon Bryce


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