Self-Doubts and ITU Bogus

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ITU Bogus - LeeSon Bryce


I remember reading a couple of books somewhere mentioning this specific statement, “Never compare yourself to others.” However, as a musical artist (especially in my genre), it can be pretty hard not do that. Most of us want to be rockstars in some way, shape, or form. Some make music as a hobby (no real problem there), and some make music simply as an outlet. Regardless of your reasons…..you then start to realize something. Why aren’t you getting any more recognition for your content? Why aren’t you getting many shares to help spread your sound? Why are your play counts not moving past 1000 (or even 100)? The list of questions goes on and on…..and you keep beating yourself up over it. Eventually, you start to question yourself on whether you should just quit it all….

On the other hand, you see your friends and acquaintances getting 100s of shares whenever they post something musically. Getting over 10k to 1 million+ plays with so many placements in a quarter of the time you’ve been making music. Getting offers to open up for much bigger artists and the list goes on and on. Now don’t get me wrong, you should feel happy for them. But deep down, you can’t help but to feel a small since of envy and sadness. Whether you’re doing music full-time, as a hobby, or whatever; you at least expect your family and friends to share and listen. But sad to say, it seems as if no one does. Even when you keep putting content out, it’s like the world is against you. You begin to feel like a black sheep; the oddball out. And again, you start to question yourself. Could it be that your music is not appealing enough? Could it be your branding? Could it be that you simply have no chance? There’s so many factors….with so many questions.

First and foremost, never compare yourself to others. You don’t know what journey that person went through to get to them levels. Even personally speaking, I had to grind HARD for over 3 years to get to a point of earning over 1000 plays in a week (and that’s a lucky week). Everything takes time, and everyone goes through a different journey. Just keep a leveled mindset, and stay focused. If you were wanting to pursue music full-time, just know it’s hard to be an “overnight” success, and it’s going to take a lot more energy to achieve. If you’re a hobbyist, maybe pushing your content isn’t as important. Maybe you just want people to hear your sound. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s literally just a short DM away, provide a link (or video), a conversation, and nothing more. Whatever your purpose may be, just keep a leveled head and a positive mindset about it.

It’s initially what I wanted to first address in my latest song “ITU Bogus” (I Think U Bogus).  Through the course of a musical artist’s journey, we tend to ask ourselves questions. “Why am I not getting more recognition? What do I really want out of this?” Etc.

In addition to our self-doubting questions, we tend to get questions from our family, friends, and acquaintances as well. Questions that we don’t want to answer because of how it makes us feel. “You still doing that music thing? Ah, you do music huh, so what is your real job? You went to college to pursue music?” etc.  The list goes on.

Instead of acting out about it, we answer calmly, knowing that questions like these hurt us underneath. It’s at this point when you realize that maybe what you’re pursuing is a joke. You’re dreams don’t matter, why should you continue on? Yet you still keep going…

And that’s what it is. “ITU Bogus” basically wraps all of those questions in one song (or at least questions I’ve been personally asked over the course of the years). After awhile, it can get pretty exhausting (and saddening) to hear.

More issues are addressed in ITU Bogus as well, such as racism…..but that’s a whole another topic for another day.

In the meantime, you can stream the single here www.leesonbrycemusic.com/ituboguslsb/

And again, thanks for listening 🔥

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