Runnit Bak; The Tape

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Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU! My name is LeeSon Bryce, I’ve been a full-time recording artist for the past 3 years now. I specialize in audio engineering, producing, artwork, and etc

. But most of all, I love making music. It’s what I get to do everyday single day. Like the previous tracks that came before, this whole tape is a special one right here.

The mixtape “Runnit Bak” was made by the artists LeeSon Bryce and DJ Clutch. The song “Always Gonna Keep On Remix” features Nate Bakes as well, In summary, “Runnit Bak” is a new mixtape by the artist LeeSon Bryce. A quick recap of 2020 with 7 tracks plus 2 new bonus tracks in the mix! Hosted by DJ Clutch!

You will be coming back to listen again and again, enjoy So much time and energy went into this track, it was a pleasure making it! I really do hope you enjoy it.

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