Moonlit Text (Plus 52 more…)

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Whats good, 

Just a short blog today. 

I recently just released a song today titled “Moonlit Text” (Dec. 3)


Moonlit Text - LeeSon Bryce


And honestly, this is looking to be my last song for 2021, as I am gearing up for 2022. 

For the entirety of 2022, I plan to have many things accomplished…but a major achievement would be to release 52 songs over the course of the year.

And as I’m putting in work to get these songs done and honed up, I can’t help but think that I want to give more. 

Music is cool and all, but I want to provide more value than just releasing “songs” on a consistent basis. 

So, I really got to thinking.

I may revamp my podcast (The LeeSon Bryce Podcast), and post it up on anchor on a more consistent basis. 

Now, as for topic matters and whatnot, that’s still up in the air. but we’ll figure it out together 💪



But….I digress.

I hope you enjoy the track “Moonlit Text” 🔥

Honestly, this is another one of those songs that just came in the spur of the moment. 

Have you ever had a late night run to a significant other at 12am in the morning while a gleaming full moon is out?

If you have, then this song is heavily inspired by it. 

And this could be anything. It could be a night out in town, a meetup to hang with other friends…

Or some other things I’m not mentioning in this blog post lol. 

Whatever the reason, this song is specific to your nightly occasion to a special someone. 

And I hope you enjoy it. 

And honestly, I’m trying to hone up my production skills a bit more as well. 

This is now the 7th song I produced, mixed, mastered entirely on my own. 

And I’m slowly starting to get into the production side of things for other artists as well.

So if you’re an aspiring artist, and you see this….

Here is my website for that www.leesonbrycebeats.com



In the long run, I plan to have some crazy deals. But I got to make a couple more first before I begin it. 

And if you want to scope out Moonlit Text, you can do so here; Moonlit Text listen

Stay up, and keep going! 

LeeSon Bryce

Text Me! +1 816-207-2838

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