Minor Success…But Still Feeling Like a “Reject”

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I’m going to be a little transparent here, this song almost didn’t get released. I had it on the hard drives for a little while, and admittingly, it almost didn’t make the cut. But eventually, I decided to go ahead and set up the release.


As an artist, I can admit that I am very critical of my own work. I’ll always second guess my own songs, my own artwork, my own sound mixing, etc. I try to get outside help with my “second-guessing”, and sometimes it does help. But most times, it’s not the real answer I want to hear. Most will just give me generic feedback, saying that my song is “good “(when in hindsight, it’s really bad). I learned real quickly that you do not want “yes-men” when it comes to music. You need someone who can give you real, honest, constructive criticism. And then use that feedback to grow.


I could write a whole page on that…


but that’s not what this blog is about. Instead, this is about the release “Graduate (Still a Reje3t)” and the meanings behind it.


As I posted on my distributor’s website (Symphonic Distribution), Graduate (Still a Reje3t) is a record about feeling like an outcast, even if one were to gain minor success in anything. In summary, Graduate talks about gaining good momentum in work, progress in a career, but still having a constant feeling of “rejection” with the world. You get feelings of not being accepted for what you do, nor for who you are. So you try to build success in your own right.


In deeper meaning, let me give you an idea to help with the summary,


If you graduated from college, you know that you’re in the top 37% of the US country (and you feel special). If you have a master’s degree, then you’re in the top 10%. With a doctorate, you’re in the top 2%. You feel like you’re on top of the world when you accomplish this. But you can’t help shake the feeling that the world seems to still be “rejecting” you. You try to apply for multiple jobs (and you have an incredible resume), but no one hires you. You try to start a business (or 2), but it ends up flopping, even after you made all the necessary changes for growth. Heck, you try to go on date after date, hoping that the next guy/girl will call you back, but they don’t. You know that everything about yourself looks good on paper, but yet, you quickly realize that it doesn’t matter. So you start to develop insecurities about yourself, which eventually leads to self-sabotage, and eventually depression.


But let’s take it back a notch. Let’s say you are 16-18 back in high school. You gain success in your own right. You get your first job, you buy your first car, you get an academic scholarship to a university for having great grades, etc. However, you still feel like an outcast. Your peers make fun of you, they talk about you, and you get the feeling like you don’t matter. To add insult to injury, people poke fun at your appearance, making you think you’re inadequate (had to use my word choice carefully here lol). Again, you know you have success in “your own right”, but you still feel like a reject.


Or even if you do music. You know your brand is growing, people who you reached online are coming back to listen, and you know your presence is growing. But yet, it feels as if things are still moving slowly. However, your peers seem to be growing rapidly in half the time you’ve been making music; and are even selling out shows with high-ticket sales. You begin to doubt yourself, and you start to lose confidence. After a while, you feel as if people are “sleeping” on you. In other words, you start feeling like an outcast.


My advice here (if this is you), don’t care what others think of you. It’s not your job, nor your priority to impress others. If you are gaining personal success, keep it going. Keep hitting the gym to lose weight, keep pursuing that degree, keep making music….just keep at it. Unless it’s constructive, who cares what others think.


Remember, people first listen with their eyes, and THEN they listen with their ears. They will eventually believe in your vision, but first, you have to give them a reason to.


LeeSon Bryce,


thanks for reading,


and furthermore, you can stream the song “Graduate (Still a Reject)” here…


And again, thanks for listening 🔥


  • Amanda says:

    I absolutely love your music and what you stand for! I look to your social media pages EVERY day because I know there is going to be something positive that I can take away from it. You are always giving out words of wisdom and inspiring people to do better. I truly enjoy everything about your entire process!!!

    • LeeSon Bryce says:

      Ayye thank you, for real! 🔥 Always appreciate it! Hope you are doing well, for real! And thanks again, just trying to keep it going! ✔

  • Kentrell Lee says:

    This is my uncle I support the future millionaire. kentrell

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