Making A Habit Stick

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Is it Love? - LeeSon Bryce


So, I just released my fourth consecutive weekly song today, totaling 60+ songs together I now have out. And honestly, I’m starting to get into the groove of things. My 2021 goal was to release over 52 songs over the course of 2022. Fast forward to today, and 4 have been released so far this year. 

And honestly, it’s time to keep it going. We (me and the community) are going up, so let’s get it together.

But, I do want to mention something important, and that is discipline. Most self-help gurus will tell you to write out a goal, stick it on a wall, look at it daily, and fantasize about the lifestyle you’ll have after you achieve said goal. To “manifest” it. 

And even though that method could work great for motivation, it may not work ALL the time. 

This is where discipline comes into play. 

Forming healthy, progressive habits that you do every day (discipline) is a sure-fire way to help you achieve your ambitions. 

Even when you don’t feel like it, you do it anyway. 

This could go for continued practice in a sport, exercise and gym, continuing to rehearse for a stand-up routine, etc.

Treat it like it’s your day job. These are things you HAVE to do every day in order to obtain your goal(s). 

So, I ended up putting together some tips to make a new (healthy) habit stick. 

I hope you get some insight from this, stay up!


Top Tricks and Tips for Making New Habits Stick

Having everything in your life running on autopilot would be a nice change of pace. Not having to remember to do your chores, exercise, get to work, and remember to maintain a healthy diet is something just about everyone could get behind. However, unless you can manage to invent robot servants, your daily work isn’t going to simply disappear. However, if you program behaviors, you can eliminate much of the struggle. With a small amount of discipline, you can create new habits that require little maintenance. Here are some of the top tips and tricks for making new habits stick.


Start Simple

You don’t want to try and completely change your life overnight. It can be easy to get over-motivated and try to take on too much. If you wish to change your habits and ensure that they stick, then you need to start off small and build on your momentum.


Commit to 30

Days It takes just between three and four weeks to make a new habit automatic. If you can get through the initial conditioning phase, which lasts around 21 days, you will find it much easier to sustain your new habit. A month is a good chunk of time to commit to change since it fits in your calendar easily.


Make it Daily

If you want to make a new habit stick, it is critical that you are consistent with your actions. If you’re going to start exercising, you have to go to the gym every day for the first month. Only making it to the gym a couple of times a week will make it much harder to form the habit.


Remind Yourself

After committing yourself to your new habit for two weeks, it can be hard to remember what you’re working toward. Place reminders to work on your habit each day around your house, or you might end up missing a few days. When you miss time, it defeats the purpose of setting the habit in the first place, so make sure you are constantly reminding yourself of what you are trying to achieve.


Remove Temptation

In the first 30 days, you need to restructure your environment so that you don’t have any temptations. If you are trying to eat better, remove all the junk food from your house if you’re trying to quit smoking, throw out your cigarettes so you won’t have to struggle with your willpower later.


Getting your new habits to stick can be quite a challenge. Follow these tips and tricks for getting your habits to stick so you can change your life for the better. 


And there you have it!

I hope it helped, 

Stay up!

Furthermore, if you wanted to check out that song I uploaded today, you can check it out here; 

It’s titled “Is It Love?”, and in summary, it’s about rebound relationships.

Let’s keep it going!


Hope all is well 🔥

LeeSon Bryce


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