Vengeance (That’s Loud 3) – LeeSon Bryce Lyrics

Vengeance (That’s Loud 3) – LeeSon Bryce Lyrics

I really wanna end you

For what you have done to me,

Don’t think I can forgive you,

So now I’m gonna make you bleed,

Catch me outside, outside

Watcha waiting on

Now you hiding out, got you cornered,

I done chased you home

Told you long ago, this is costly, I told you so

Now I’m pulling up, oh its on, you afraid to show

Im waiting in by whip, you hiding out, think I’m wasting time

Im cleaning out my trunk and now Im waiting

You finna be the one who gonna get the placement

Im gonna put you in the trunk and drive around town town town

Coming out the darkness

It is time to say goodbye

Count Your Minutes Right Now

Cuz Im bout to take yo life

See me, you start running,

You got Nowhere left to hide,

Pull up to yo spot and,

Surprised to see me now

Got you now,

Where you come from

I was hiding in the bushes,

I was waiting,

For a time to be pouncing,

Got you now, Gonna be the one who will end you right now,

Get away from me yo, bro

I’m just trying to smoke in peace though,

I don’t wanna have trouble,

did you follow me home though

I just wanna go..mmh (3x)

Got you in my trunk and now we cruisin

How bout you shut up back there, you is really noisy,

And no ones coming for you tonight

I’m doing 100 in a sixty-five oh my,

Speeding up, now the cops are all on us,

Zooming around the traffic, ha

I really don’t care though, ah,

Crash it right down a cliff though, whoa,

So I hit full speed, jumping out as the car going down a ravine,

And its crashing, and I’m running,

Hit the bushes when I saw the red lights,

On the run again, now Im sprinting,

All I wanted was the vengeance,

Now Im running from the law,

Now the demons of past are haunting me,

As I’m going on the run

Whoa (4x)