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Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU!

My name is LeeSon Bryce, I’ve been a full-time recording artist for the past 3 (almost 4 now lol) years now. I specialize in audio engineering, producing, artwork, and etc. But most of all, I love making music. It’s what I get to do everyday single day.

Like the previous tracks that came before, this track right is a special one.

In summary; the track “ONE TIM3” was created at the spur of the moment. This entire track was written, recorded, and mastered within a day. Produced by Pink Molly, and recorded/mastered by LeeSon Bryce (myself).

The track “ONE TIM3” originated from an idea back in January 2021. After going back to listen to “Runnit Back: The Tape”, I noticed the DJ who helped me (DJ Clutch), said “One Time” on it during the song “Run it Back”.

After hearing it, this immediately sparked a song idea. So, naturally, I recorded one. I took a beat from the producer Pink Molly and then wrote words down until it became a full song.

In brief, it’s a song about paying respects to the events around you. In the later dates, I will also include a blog as well, Hope everything is great for you!

More music coming soon! 🔥LeeSon Bryce

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