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“This EP was dedicated specifically for Valentines Day! It tells the sad story of a full relationship cycle; first going from love, to heartbreak”.



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As one reviewer from Elite Branding and Media mentioned before, ” …the multifaceted emcee LeeSon Bryce is a fresh, true voice rising to recognition.” At 11, he began playing the drums in his home church, further exposing his young mind to the power and allure of musicianship. After graduating high school, LeeSon Bryce pondered joining the military but opted out to attended university and received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. But music held onto his coat tail. As he grew older Hip Hop drifted into his rearview; artists like Hopsin, Tech N9ne, Eminem, and even Lil Uzi Vert influencing his style, and a young emcee was born. If you are a fan of these individuals, LeeSon Bryce is a must-have for your collection.

Luv Is a ThrowAway has been in the making since the later years of 2017. However, demands of other music further delayed the release of the EP. Originally slated to release back in February 2018, Luv Is A ThrowAway unfortunately stalled for another 2 years. After missing both release dates of 2018 and 2019 on Valentines day, the project was finally slated for release in February 2020. The project title also has a double meaning. The first meaning being of what LeeSon Bryce (the artist) was going through at the time (late 2017-early 2018), which was about finding hardships on securing a relationship.  The second meaning of the title being the actual literal meaning; which, as stated, is “a bunch of old love songs being thrown away to the public”. The EP also ties it all into a significant story, involving over 2 skits and 5 songs.

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