Kansas City is a steadily revolving door of talent waiting to be discovered. Striding to the forefront is the multifaceted emcee LeeSon Bryce; a fresh, true voice rising to recognition..”

…and you can download 9 of his songs here!

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Jasmyne Osby, Editor Of Elite Branding – “Standing firm on tradition while driving in a lane of his own, LeeSon Bryce is just as unique as he is bold….A leader of the new wave of sounds emerging from the Midwest, LeeSon Bryce stands tall and reminds listeners everywhere just how tangible the stars really are.”

ThisIsPlatinumHipHop – “Poised and diligent on the mic, LeeSon Bryce stands as a valuable piece in raps game of chess. And as he questions his sanity, Bryce draws listeners close, causes them to question their own.”

TunedLoud; “…throughout his music, LeeSon will do anything to keep you interested. And that’s the sign of not just a serious professional, but also a passionate artist.”


As one reviewer from Elite Branding and Media mentioned before, ” …the multifaceted emcee LeeSon Bryce is a fresh, true voice rising to recognition.” At 11, he began playing the drums in his home church, further exposing his young mind to the power and allure of musicianship. After graduating high school, LeeSon Bryce pondered joining the military but opted out to attended university and received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration degree. But music held onto his coat tail. As he grew older Hip Hop drifted into his rearview; artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, Young Thug, (and even Lil Uzi Vert(, influencing his style, and a young emcee was born. If you are a fan of these individuals, LeeSon Bryce is a must-have for your collection.

LeeSon Bryce is just as unique as he is bold. Unafraid to step out of his shell and wear his emotions on his sleeve, LeeSon’s innate desire to change the world through music bleeds through every stanza and bar. From aggressive, brutal, yet truthful lyrics of his single Insanity, to heartfelt emotions packed into another single “Kinda Happy”; LeeSon Bryce packs a major punch in each track he makes.

And now, you can download 9 of LeeSon Bryce’s songs now; some featuring, Dave East, Krayzie Bone, Stevie Stone, JL, and more!

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As TunedLoud mentioned regarding LeeSon Bryce’s music, “his songs are packed to the brim with lyrical excellence. Another thing that is very noticeable throughout his music, is that LeeSon will do anything to keep you interested, and that’s the sign of not just a serious professional, but also a passionate artist.”

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