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Firstly, I want to say THANK YOU!

My name is LeeSon Bryce, I’ve been a full-time recording artist for the past 4 years now. I specialize in audio engineering, producing, artwork, and etc. But most of all, I love making music. It’s what I get to do everyday single day.

Like the previous tracks that came before, this track right is a special one.

The track “FINISH LIN3” was recorded by myself (LeeSon Bryce) and produced by Tone Jonez. 

In summary, the track “FINISH LIN3″ is about bandwagoning (people riding on the coattails of your success, but as soon as it ends, they vanish). in today’s world, it’s sad to say that fake love and fake support are real, and most people will only cheer you on until AFTER you become successful (ie. hit your ‘finish line’). Until then, you are alone, with very few in your corner.

This track was definitely fun to make,

Ande I hope you enjoy it!

LeeSon Bryce

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Hope everything is great for you!

More music coming soon! 🔥
LeeSon Bryce

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